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President & CEO


Haneef Hill is the Founding President & CEO of UYKQ. Haneef has been heavily involved in the development of urban youth for over two decades. He has dedicated most of his adulthood providing opportunities and resources to youth while inspiring them to achieve any goal possible through sports and academics.  In addition to his passion for working with youth, Haneef has a strong background in operations, financial management and analysis, quality improvement and strategic planning. Raised in Mt, Airy section of Philadelphia, Haneef is a graduate of Lankenau High School, he earned his Bachelors in Sport Management from Virginia State University and his Masters in Business Management from Strayer University.

"What inspires me most about my work with UYKQ is impacting so many lives and creating opportunities for others to find a new passion for themselves. Not only do the children benefit, but the community, coaches, mentors and staff all share an equal take through the opportunities that we create and the changes we bring to others lives."


Aliette HS.JPG

Executive Assistant

Aliette Petite has been a member of the UYKQ Community since 2017 when she initially enrolled her 2 boys in our youth basketball program. Since then, Ali has involved herself as a regular volunteer in UYKQ Programs as a Coach and a Mentor. She has a strong passion for working with youth and serving her community. Ali currently holds an Associates from Community College of Philadelphia and is pursuing her Bachelors in Information Systems and Technology from Penn State. She has worked for the Philadelphia School District as a Special Education Assistant and she has also Coached youth sports with I9 Sports. 

" I have always had a passion for working with children and UYKQ has afforded me the opportunity to continue that work and allow my boys to participate in some great sports activities as well. Working with children has always added an additional element of fulfillment to my life, and now I am able to bring other skills that I possess to help UYKQ grow".

Ali is part of the Germantown community, which UYKQ serves with a variety of its programs. She is a proud mother of 3 boys, 2 which have enjoyed participating in UYKQ programs for several years, and a third being born into the UYKQ community.


After School Program Manager

Frances Mouzon has been apart UYKQ since 2020, and was a pivotal part in the launch of our Remote Learning Center and After School Program. She is a First Generation College student currently pursing her Associates in secondary education with a minor in business at Community College of Philadelphia. 


Frances is passionate about education because her purpose is to be an educator that pushes for change in the Philadelphia School District and the United States Education System. Through her work with students, parents and school administration she can continue the vision of becoming an education leader and a resource to the community.




Sports & Recreation Manager

Briana joined UYKQ as a team parent in 2020 when her son's join our Baseball Program. During her time as a volunteer, Briana enjoyed engaging with other families, learning the operations of UYKQ, and getting engaged with our Basketball program as a coach.  Briana was thrilled about the impact the program made both for the children and the community.

Briana began working with UYKQ in May 2022 as our Basketball Operations Coordinator.
Briana is currently enrolled in Community College of Philadelphia pursuing an Associate degree in Business and will be pursuing her Bachelors in Sports Management.
She has over 10 years of experience in management, 4 in sports retail, and brings a unique skill set
that consists of organizational leadership, interpersonal communication, basketball IQ (strategies,
analytics, conditioning, and developing), and passion for empowering our youth.



Isaiah Johnson - 15U

Robert Spear - 15U

Stef Parissi - 15U

Haneef Hill - 12U

Jacob White - 12U

Drew Guldalian - 12U

Jermaine Brockington - 10U

Millage Holloway - 10U

Tim Wanaselja - 9U

Aaron Preetam - 9U

Reynold Dyson - 9U

Justin Waller - 9U


Niambi Thomas - 15U

Ina Robinson - 15U

Lavar Thomas - 15U

Samantha Rahe Krick - 8U

Haneef Hill - 8U


Duane Watts - Lead Instructor

Kenneth Searles - Instructor

Leon Johnson - Instructor

Dre Enoch - Instructor


Kourtney Hargrove

Latoya Birch

Kaylyn Lawson

Myra Crespo

Brianna Brown


Our dedicated team of experienced professionals are always on the ball, utilizing their unique skills and passion to move the work of Urban Youth Kings & Queens forward. We’re always pushing ourselves to stay ahead of the curve and striving to perfect our programs. Meet some of our incredible leaders below.

Randi Morgan - Chair

Robert Spear - Vice Chair

Haneef HIl - President

Reynold Dyson - Treasurer

Ayanna McSears - Secretary

Ali Petite - Asst. Secretary

Dana Augusta - Member

Nafis Hill - Member

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