Creating the pathways for Future Leaders and Student Athletes

At Urban Youth Kings & Queens Inc., our top priority is to enable youth to develop strong life skills, leadership traits, and educational stability. Our approach is to build strategic networks within the community and promote programs that will help advance our work to. Learn more about our programs and get in touch with us to see how you can get involved.

"Financial aid is available for all our programs. Please contact us for details if you are in need of support."

All of our programs have been modified due to COVID-19. We will be adhering to recommendations from CDC.


Safe Haven during COVID-19

Our Virtual Remote Learning Center offers school ages students a safe learning space to complete their academic studies while still building social and emotional skills with peers and education mentors.

Students engage in recreational activities, arts & crafts, fitness and exercise, and team building activities.



Making a Difference

UYKQ Kings & Queens Mentor and Enrichment Program is an empowerment group that follows the group mentoring model, matching a group of young ladies and men with a mentor that have similar interests. UYKQ Mentor and Enrichment program focuses on  empowerment, leadership, life-skills, and college readiness.  Each participant take part in workshops, group discussions, and community service projects to enhance their life skills, social development and create opportunities that enables life changes and improvements.



UYKQ Germantown Baseball Program is a Community League which teaches the fundamental skills and techniques used to help elevate young athletes in the game of baseball. Beginning at the age of 4 through 16, UYKQ objective is to offer more than just a fun filled season of baseball games and practices. The program provides college tours, team building exercises, educational workshops, structured skills training, and nutritional classes. The aforementioned activities are at the heart of UYKQ’s goal of preparing young student athletes for college and beyond. Our goal is to provide participants a gateway to college through athletics, mentoring, and academic support.



Urban Youth Kings & Queens Inc. Basketball Program is catered to players ages 6 – 16, to provide every child an opportunity to play the game of basketball, regardless of their skill level or talents. Players receive coaching and mentoring from volunteer coaches, while learning new skills through practices, skills and drills clinics, and one on one coaching.